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Nov 13, 2018
How to market your security tokens (STO) ?
There are various mechanisms involved in the security token and the market strategy should cover all the aspects. Here are the steps that involve STO marketing.
STEP 1: Market study
The market study involves a thorough understanding of your business idea, identifying the business categories that apply, market scope, competitor analysis, and dividend projections. This is an important and fundamental step in security token marketing, without market study, targetting the right bunch of investors becomes difficult.
STEP 2: Whitepaper Drafting & Executive Pitch deck
A detailed whitepaper is furnishing all the business details and market metrics related to the Security Token and detailing your business idea behind it. Further, an Executive pitch deck that carries the snapshot of key metrics is prepared for presentation.
STEP 3: Marketing Collaterals
The whitepaper and Pitch Deck aren't sufficient for STO owner to raise funds from investors. Invest in good video explainer of your business idea/ product. The images can explain more about your product, vision for growth and expansion, etc.
STEP 4: Investor Targeting & Reach out
Reach out to interested Investors through different mediums that are organic or paid. Your investors may have the queries about the token. You have to answer their queries before starts the Token offering event.

6 ways to market your STO :