Equity Token Offering

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Nov 13, 2018
Pulsehyip has come up with new announce, that our new business model is Equity Token which was launched for the top security system service for ICO token users. Equity Token Offering is the advanced techniques for the token offering system.
It is the new concept for tokening business, so we have explained clearly about ETO usage and its functionality. Equity token is the process of investing in a token and getting a part of shares from the company. The percentage of token they invest will be equal to the value of the investing company shares. Shareholders can grab their ownership for their investment.
Equity token offering system has a unique functionality here we can attain the ownership by investing shares. In these modules, funds can be raised in a secure manner by having access for all stock company system. This ETO is developed by blockchain technology though it can manage their entry with the digital ledger.
Equity token has two stages of investment as private locked up and public liquidity; it can also keep the stocks in non - dilution during lock period.

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