Crypto Markets Ads ICO Introduction !!

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May 25, 2018
Crypto Markets Ads is a Democratize Crypto Advertising & Marketing ICO project.

Top online corporation sites are Banning Crypto Ads. High volumes of crypto project and ICO advertising in 2017 led to a lot of scams and fraudulent practices. As a result, many big corporations decided to ban ads related to the crypto market on their platforms.

We have a Solution!

Democratic and Decentralized Crypto ads and marketing marketplace. Considering all these challenges, the markets need a platform to bring crypto market bounty hunters, influencers and publishers together.

Crypto Market Ads (CMA), located at, is a new marketplace which solves all problems related to crypto advertising and marketing by connecting crypto market publishers and advertisers under a single platform. Due to free market conditions, publishers will have a healthy competition which will influence them to keep prices as low and competitive as possible to attract advertisers. Publishers will also get higher demands from advertisers since they are more affordable and quickly available through the CMA marketplace for new advertising or marketing campaigns

Advertisers can significantly reduce advertising and marketing costs by utilizing the CMA marketplace. They will be able to launch big advertising and marketing campaigns towards the entire crypto community and secure themselves against scam or fraud. They can also use the built-in chat system to directly negotiate with CMA publishers and get unique terms and prices.

ICO presale at 15/05/2019 and get 30% discount.

1 CMA= 0.007 USD

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